Do you want to make people's lives safer? Are you enthusiastic about technology? Do you believe in continuous innovation and improvement? Are you passionate about your job and want to create real added value? Are you looking for an employer who can offer security, exciting job profiles, creative freedom, team spirit and professional development?


Then WILCO is the right place for you. Together with our friendly WILCO team, you will make an important contribution to the global success of our unique inspection systems and thus make people's lives safer. Our five guiding values of responsibility, passion, joy and enthusiasm, courage, respect and humility will accompany you on your WILCO journey.


At WILCO, we attach great importance to responsibility - not only towards our customers and partners, but also towards our employees. We promote a culture of cooperation and personal responsibility. Each and every individual has the opportunity to act proactively and make a valuable contribution. This is how we create real added value for people's safety with our inspection systems. 

Welcome to a team where responsibility not only has meaning, but also room to develop.


Passion is the driving force behind our success. Drive and enthusiasm for technology make our employees not only employees, but also enthusiasts who see their work as more than just a job. 

Welcome to a team that gives wings to your professional passion!

Joy and enthusiasm

We firmly believe that joy and enthusiasm form the basis for top performance - from technological advances to daily work results and joint successes. We value the positive energy generated by enthusiasm. A collegial and helpful working atmosphere is the reward for this enthusiasm. 

Welcome to a team that not only shares tasks, but also the joy of technology and joint successes!


Courage is the key to progress at WILCO. We encourage our employees to come up with bold ideas and break new ground. At WILCO, we see challenges as opportunities to boldly look beyond boundaries and actively shape the future. Our culture of courage enables our employees to be creative and sometimes unconventional. In this way, they make a contribution that really makes a difference. 

Welcome to a team where courage is not only valued, but also encouraged - the physical result of our courage can be seen in our assembly hall.

Respect and Humility

Respect and humility are important cornerstones of our corporate culture at WILCO. We greatly value the diversity and achievements of our employees. Respect forms the foundation of our cooperation. Appreciation and recognition are key words in everything we do. At WILCO, we treat each other with openness and respect, regardless of position or background.
We recognize that each team member has a unique value proposition. This humility is reflected in our willingness to learn from each other and continuously develop. At WILCO, we create an atmosphere of collegial cooperation. 

Welcome to a team that builds on mutual respect to create a positive, inspiring and collaborative work environment.

«In the design department, we have the opportunity to develop high-tech machines that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. This is both a challenge and an enrichment»

Alexandre Lourenco, Mechanical Engineer