Bombing as a method to accelerate air ingress

Headspace Analysis (HSA) as a test method for leak detection is based on the detection of a certain trace gas in the headspace. The Bombing method patented by WILCO enables the gas concentration to be changed in a very short time - even for test samples without vacuum in the headspace.

The challenge of non-destructive leak detection in liquid-filled containers

In the case of containers which, however, are not sealed with negative pressure or have already been sealed with air, the oxygen content changes only very slowly over time in the event of a leak. This applies to most liquid-filled packaging containers. For these cases, leak detection wouldn’t have been possible to achieve using the very fast, precise and non-destructive HSA method. Despite these challenges, bombing makes using HSA for leak detection possible.

Our approach to leak testing with the Bombing Method

In bombing, the gas composition of the headspace is modified by specifically changing the ambient conditions, especially the pressure and gas mixture in the environment. In case of a leak, the modified gas in the environment will change the gas composition in the container. This modification can then be detected with the appropriate HSA system. Possible changes to the environment include e.g. cycles with over- or under pressure in air, or with carbon dioxide. In these cases, a non-destructive oxygen test with HSA would detect a changed oxygen content or a carbon dioxide test would detect a changed carbon dioxide content in the headspace. Since a modification of the headspace can be achieved by a pressure change or a change in the gas composition in the environment, this method can be applied to a wide variety of test samples.

We offer a complete and patented solution process

  • Analysis of the packaging material and process parameters
  • Cycle development as part of method development
  • Solution offer for HSA machines (for laboratory to inline inspection)
  • Bombing Chamber

The process is patented by WILCO.

The advantages of our Bombing Method

  • Use of existing equipment, e.g. autoclaves
  • Applicability of the HSA method to various packaging materials (also without vacuum)
  • Use also at high outputs up to 600/min
  • High sensitivity with CO2 detection
  • Short waiting times for changes in headspace
  • Alternative to the Blue Dye Test