We organize the delivery, installation and commissioning of your machine for you. We support you in having your machine ready for operation in your environment. We clarify the environmental conditions already in the project phase so that there are no surprises on site.  Thanks to our professional support and Swiss characteristics such as punctuality, accuracy and reliability, your commissioning time is reduced.


Your deliveries are in safe hands with our dedicated team of export specialists who handle all our shipments word-wide to make sure your goods are delivered safely and on time to your site.

We manage all types of shipment: by truck, air freight, sea freight or courier and take care of insurance if requested.

With our experience we are able to offer you advice on forwarding issues, customs and clearance together with the challenges to help the smooth management of import.

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Data Integration

We ensure that you have all relevant data at your disposal. Our software and hardware interfaces enable you to control the machines either locally or remotely via a higher-level control system.

These data interfaces provide you with status information about the performance data (e.g. OEE), event log/audit trail data or GMP-relevant process data. In addition, these interfaces provide machine command structures for simple remote control or recipe and batch management for higher-level systems.

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Commissioning and Ramp up

Our field technicians install your machine and put it into operation. We make sure that it is installed at your desired location and properly aligned. All additional systems such as vacuum pumps and conveyor belts are connected as agreed.

After installation, we accompany you through the commissioning process. Together with our field service technician, you drive the first products through your machine and get a first impression of the various functions and possibilities.

Our field service technicians are ready to install and commission your machine. During the installation we make sure that your machine has been set up and properly levelled at your desired location. All auxiliary systems such as vacuum pumps and conveyor belts are connected as agreed.

After the installation, we accompany you through the commissioning process. Together with our field service technician you drive the first products through your new machine and get the first impressions about the different functions and possibilities.

During the site acceptance test (SAT) we guide you step-by-step trough the qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) provided by Wilco or support you with your own qualification documents.


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Operator Training

We happily make your local staff familiar with your machine and the knowledge to operate your machine. We provide operator and technician training directly at your site, usually during the installation and commissioning activities.

The operator training includes the general operation conditions, start-up and shut down, operating procedures and alarm responses.
For the technician training we provide a machine overview, preventive maintenance practices, periodic checks and adjustments, hardware and troubleshooting.

There is only a small amount of information needed from you so that we can prepare the training activities:

  • The number of participants and their role (We recommend a maximum of 6 people for a trainings session of 2-3 hours)
  • Test samples are available
  • A freely accessible machine

We are happy to provide a corresponding training certificate for each participant.  We look forward to your inquiry.

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Carol Steiner

Head of Export