Our application process for your new WILCO job. This is how we find each other step by step, symply explained.

Has one of our jobs caught your attention? Then simply prepare the following documents - preferably in one compact PDF document: 

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Job references and diplomas 

and send them to us online.

We look forward to you and your documents. They will give us an initial insight into your professional skills, stages and goals. We are happy to be inspired by you. 
We also want to inspire you. Here you will find initial information about WILCO as an employer.

«Help us achieve our vision and make the lives of our fellow human beings safer.»

Flavia Fitze, HR-Team

1. Upload your application to our application platform

We use an online applicant management tool. You can upload your documents securely there. The tool simplifies communication between you, our HR and line managers. Data protection is important to us. The tool has its own privacy policy, which you can read and accept when uploading your application.
Once your application has been received, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt.
You do not receive a confirmation of receipt? Then something went wrong. Please simply get in touch with your contact person in the job advertisement. We will be happy to help you.

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2. Review of the application documents

During the initial review of your application documents, we (HR and line managers) compare your professional experience and objectives with our job profile. Your brief, clear statements in your application and the chronological structure of your documents make it easier for us to read your application documents.

Thank you very much!

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3. Personal feedback

You are guaranteed personal feedback from us on your application. This may be an invitation to an interview, an interim report or a rejection.
Depending on when we receive your application and the timing of the recruitment process, it may take a little longer or shorter for you to hear from us. We thank you for your understanding and patience. 
Have you not heard from us within 14 days? Then simply contact us. Our contact person in the advertisement will be happy to let you know the interim status of your application.

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4. Initial interview

The aim of the initial interview is to get to know each other and to clarify basic expectations and questions about your potential employment at WILCO. It does not include any test procedures. It is important to us to have an open discussion atmosphere at eye level.
Usually, WILCO is represented by the direct manager and a specialist from our HR department. 
The initial interview takes place either on site (company headquarters in Wohlen) or via MS Teams.

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«Get in touch with us to take an active part in shaping the future of WILCO. We look forward to getting to know you.»

Adrian Glutz, Head of HR

5. Feedback on the first conversation

After 2-3 days of reflection, we exchange our feedback on the first interview. This feedback is given by telephone or e-mail and ends with information on how to proceed.

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6. Second interview

If there is mutual interest, a second meeting will follow promptly, which always takes place on site (company headquarters in Wohlen). The content of the interview follows on from the first interview and goes into more detail. Your motivation and expectations for employment at WILCO are just as important as the content and objectives of the position. 
During the second interview, you will usually also get to know your future workplace, the team and the next most senior manager. To round off your visit, we will be happy to show you around our exciting assembly hall.
Depending on the position, we also offer trial work (by the hour or for a whole day) or give you the opportunity to put your knowledge to test in a job-related practical exercise.

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7. Feedback on the second interview

After 2-3 days of reflection, we exchange our feedback on the second interview. This feedback is given by telephone or e-mail and ends with information on how to proceed.
If necessary, a third meeting can be arranged individually.

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8. Reference information

Reference information has legal requirements. We comply with these. This is because we only obtain reference information after consultation with you from those reference persons that you inform us of in writing.

Please inform your references in advance that we will be contacting them.

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9. Employment and onboarding

If there is mutual agreement on employment, the next step is the final contract negotiation. Once we have agreed on the key points of the contract, we will send you the complete contract documents and look forward to working with you! 
During onboarding (entry and induction process) you will get to know WILCO and your new job thoroughly. A structured induction and training program ensures that you are carefully introduced to your new tasks.

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10. After a rejection

Once your application has been completed, your application documents will be automatically deleted from the applicant management tool in due time. Please refer to the privacy policy of the tool provider. You can delete your candidate profile and your application documents yourself at any time or request deletion or restrict processing.

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11. Feedback on the application process

Would you like to give us feedback on our application process? Then simply get in touch with your contact person in the advertisement. We want to continuously improve and thank you for your input.

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12. Again later?

Didn't work out today, but maybe tomorrow? Are you interested in working at WILCO again later? Then we would be delighted if you would keep an eye on our job advertisements and contact us again.
Thank you very much for your trust and your interest in WILCO!

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«I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Apply now.»

Franziska Wettstein, HR-Team