Our expertise lies in the leak testing of various packaging containers for the pharmaceutical and packaging industry. Since the foundation of WILCO AG we have been developing these technologies with innovative ideas together with our customers.

Differential Pressure

WILCO’s differential pressure test methods allow a wide range of applications with the highest requirements in terms of container closure integrity testing. The non-destructive testing is ideal for a wide range of packaging types for life science, food & beverage and cans & aerosols.

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Headspace Analysis

Laser-based Headspace Analysis (HSA) is an established technology than can be applied to various inspection tasks related to container closure integrity testing (CCIT) as well as process control. HSA is based on laser absorption spectroscopy and measures gas concentrations non-destructively in various package types such as vials, ampoules, syringes and also flexible packaging, for example IV bags and pouches.

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Force Sensor

Our force sensor technology is designed for leak testing of flexible packaging such as IV bags, pouches, and blister packs. The non-destructive container closure integrity test can be performed manually on laboratory equipment as well as on fully automatic, high-speed inline testing systems with up to 150 samples per minute.

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