Semi-automatic Inspection

Whenever sample sizes are too large to be tested manually but too small for a fully automatic testing, our semi-automatic testing platforms fill the gap. All technologies in our portfolio can be integrated for an individual test setup.


With an increasing product portfolio, varieties of package types, sizes and formulations the requirements for processing and inspecting those products becomes more challenging. There is no test method that can do it all which is why the combination of several methods is required. The EVO MTX is a modular inspection platform that allows a customized setup for quality control of pharmaceutical packages.


In terms of configuration, packaging types, products and inspection type.


Standardized inspection modules that can be combined for a customized setup.


Multiple inspection technologies in one system with a small footprint.

The EVO MTX is a flexible and modular inspection platform that can be designed for semi-automatic or fully automatic inspection. The EVO MTX combines standardized modules adjusted to individual inspection requirements. The following inspection modules are available :

  • LFC method®
  • Vacuum and Pressure Decay
  • Headspace Analysis (HSA)
  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)
  • Automated Visual Inspection (AVI)

Depending on the product and production capacity, the EVO MTX can combine multiple test stations of one or more technologies. The platform uses a modular structure, which means that the test modules can be combined individually, depending on the application needed. Since all integratable test methods are non-destructive several tests can be done with the same sample.

The EVO MTX can handle a variety of container types and sizes with the goal of 100% inspection of small batches as well as the inspection of larger random samples in routine inspections.


  • Up to 10/min
  • Format range from 1ml up to 250ml
  • Inspection of multiple packaging types on one platform
  • Versatile use in terms of container and product types and sizes
  • Applicable for liquid, lyo and powder filled containers
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Transport system with RFID equipped product carriers
  • Easy cleaning and cleansing agent friendly materials
  • Non-destructive, deterministic test method preferred acc. USP1207
  • Design according GMP guidelines
  • Data Handling in compliance with 21 CFR part 11
  • Simple and toolless format changeover