Leak Testing of Metal Packaging

Metal packaging, especially aerosol cans, require robust and sensitive inspection systems in combination with reliable product handling. Our product lines for metal package testing profit from long experience and ongoing developments.


Pressurized aerosol cans are under strict guidelines related to leak testing. If any aerosol dispenser shows evidence of a leakag rate equal to or greater than 3.2 × 10-2 mbar.l.s-1 at the test pressure, distortion or other defects, it will be rejected. Our aerosol can tester complies with these regulations.

WILCO leak tester for aerosol cans AERO

Highly accurate and reproducible results

with industry-leading sensitivity

Robust inspection system

for a long machine life

Fast format changeover

to operate cost effective

The AERO DPSC is a leak testing system for empty aerosol cans which fulfills current ADR guidelines. An in feed star wheel places the cans onto the continuous moving carrousel. The cans are sealed by a clamping device inside the test chamber. This clamping device allows the testing of the can in a “hanging” position, thereby opening up possible leaks in the seam.

The AERO DPSC can tests up to 500 cans per minute. Due to its design it can be integrated into an existing production line. Automatic software features fully automatically compensate any outside influences, such as temperature variations. The high test pressure inside the cans allows the system to detect leak rates of 3.2 x 10-2 mbar.l.s-1 on all can formats assuring that the UN specifications on the Hot Water Bath alternative are met.


  • Highly accurate and reproducible results
  • Robust inspection system
  • Fast format changeover
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Alternative to water bath testing
  • In compliance with the ADR guidances


Automated leak testing of empfty steel cans for different sizes and shapes

WILCO Automated leak testing of empty steel cans

High test sensitivity

for reliable product quality

Reliable operation

Durable design and reliable throughput

Fast format changeover

to operate cost effective

Easy operation

MAVIS operating system for high user friendliness

In order to support your constant challenges between quality and price we are there for you with our solutions. Since the founding of WILCO AG, we have been offering solutions for the food and aerosol industry in the leak testing of cans, bottles, trays, bags, tubes, lids and closures. With our experience you get the most economical and durable solution.


  • Highliy accurate and reproducible results
  • Industry-leading leak detection sensitivity
  • Full integration into production line
  • 100% inline leak testing of multiple formats
  • Reliable operation
  • Up to 250/min
  • Compliant with UN, ADR and FEA regulations
  • Non-destructive test method
  • Durable and robust inspection system
  • Fast format changeover