Handling and Coding Systems

Besides the inspection itself, material handling is an important discipline in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. We offer material handling systems for various package types and sizes to guarantee smooth and reliable product transfer. Additionally, we integrate vision and coding systems to ensure traceability and the absence of cosmetic and other defects.


The MARKER LCV is a high precision cap coding platform that can code the smallest 2D data-matrix codes onto vial caps at high production speeds.

WILCO 2D Datamatrix coding solution MARKER LCV

Precise code engraving

Highly accurate positioning of 2D product codes on areas smaller than 3x3 mm.

Auto height adjustment

The laser engraving position is adapted to the vial height and position and thus compensating tolerances of the packaging components.

Exhaust system

Integrated exhaust system for extraction of residues of the marking process.

By means of a laser coding system a small 2D data matrix is etched onto the sidewall of aluminium caps. The integrated vision system verifies the correctness and quality of the data matrix code. The material handling is designed for low-vibration operation to ensure the precise coding and code reading. Objects with non-conform codes are rejected.


  • Production speed up to 400/min
  • Vial sizes from 2ml to 100ml
  • Marking on aluminium cap using class 1 laser
  • Minimization of vibrations in an in-line environment  for highest precision
  • Code verification and classification using integrated vision system
  • Reliable product handling
  • Simple format changeover
  • Designed according to GMP guidelines
  • Data Handling in compliance with 21 CFR part 11
  • Optional integration of additional inspection technologies (NIRS/HSA)