WILCO AG renews its appearance

One year before its 50th anniversary, WILCO AG has undergone a facelift. The result of an intensive process is a sharpening of the brand with a new corporate identity and corporate design, ending with a new company logo. This modern design refreshes the future appearance and conveys the values of WICO AG in its new image with more colors, more pictures and more people. From February 2020 WILCO`s new face will be brought to life.

Sharpening of the brand positioning

Following an intensive analytical phase with internal and external stakeholders including employees, customers and sales partners, the brand identity of WILCO AG was sharpened. The positioning of the Swiss company for the future was derived from this. The vision and mission of WILCO AG were redefined. People and their safety are the focus of attention.


Together with our customers we perfect the quality of their products.
This is how we make people's lives safer.


We are the world's leading specialist in the development of sustainable inspection solutions. In this way, we guarantee long-term quality and safety for the highest demands.

We master the decisive inspection methods and rely on intelligent technologies and networked systems.

Our holistic approach and partnership based cooperation form the basis of our relationships.

Equipped for the future

WILCO AG makes its external appearance more colorful and personal. The new logo and claim are the basis for this. The aim was to reflect timelessness and modernity with the new logo. The main color remains blue, which stands for precision and technology of the highest standards. In addition to the lettering, colored design elements have been added, which express dynamism, variety, flexibility and diversity. The "Flow Cubes" represent the 5 values of WILCO AG: joy & enthusiasm, courage, passion, respect & humility and responsibility. They are the pillars of trade and action and thus an elementary part of the company culture.

In addition, the claim "Being sure" has been added. This reinforces the new brand positioning and focuses on "Being sure" that products meet the quality requirements, “Being sure” to have a process accurate and durable system in use, being sure to have a reliable partner.

From February the new appearance can be experienced

In addition to the new look at trade events and fairs, the digital appearance will also change from February 2020. The new website forms the basis for this. It is more open, modern and personal. With its more detailed contents, readers will be captivated and motivated to get in touch with WILCO. Let us surprise you.


New WILCO logo on building
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