New Headspace Analysis Lab Tester NEO HSX

Swiss specialist machine builder, WILCO AG, is launching another laboratory inspection system in the NEO series. The NEO HSX ONE Headspace Analysis Laboratory System is designed for various inspection tasks related to integrity testing, as well as process control of various pharmaceutical primary packaging materials and product types. NEO represents the new generation of compact laboratory testing equipment that bring measurement accuracy, ease of use and flexibility to a new level.

WILCO's goal with the NEO series is to combine highest measurement sensitivity for a wide range of applications with a very easy to use system. Following the successful market launch of the NEO DPX, which performs leak tests using the differential pressure method, the NEO HSX ONE is designed for leak tests, process controls or residual oxygen measurements using Headspace Analysis (HSA). In addition to its measurement accuracy, the compact system impresses with its high level of user-friendliness, process reliability and the many application options.

New laser measurement technology for highest measurement accuracy

After 20 years of experience with HSA technology, the 4th laser generation, with even higher precision in non-destructive gas concentration measurement by laser absorption spectroscopy, is now used in the NEO HSX ONE. The new laser generation achieves a 50% lower standard deviation, which enables more accurate and faster processes and thus new applications. Due to the short measurement times, a transfer of the test method to a corresponding high-speed production line is even easier.

Many application possibilities

Various lasers are available for the non-destructive measurement of O2 and CO2 concentrations. These enable leak tests, media fill inspections or residual oxygen measurements for a wide variety of pharmaceutical packaging. Customers can test vials, syringes or ampoules made of glass or plastic with different ingredients very quickly and easily with one device. The changeover to other test item sizes can be carried out in a few seconds without tools.

Supported operator guidance

The WILCO user interface MAVIS supports the user during operation. Similar to a smartphone, the user can use widgets to display personalized content on the 12.1" color display. The operator is guided step-by-step through the menu for both inspection and format change. An LED bar provides visual orientation on the process step. The operator guidance ensures consistent and user-independent testing. Operation is correspondingly intuitive and the automatic cover protects the test sample and the environment in each case during the measurement.

High process reliability

Different sample holders are available for the different applications, which verify the settings previously defined by means of the position monitoring system. The system has two modes: a development mode for the definition of recipes and less critical measurements, and a mode for measurements in the GMP area for the highest safety requirements. The NEO HSX ONE has an integrated user and recipe management and enables logging and data management according to the current requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. The integrated control ensures the reliable use of the device and also facilitates the connection to SCADA/MES systems or Historians via OPC UA.

The NEO HSX ONE is available now.

The WILCO team is proud of the expansion of this product family and is always available for LIVE demos and questions.

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