New 3in1 CCI Tester NEO DPX

NEO stands for the new generation of compact laboratory instruments that bring measurement accuracy, ease of use and flexibility to a new level. The NEO DPX from WILCO AG is a compact leak tester that combines several differential pressure and vacuum testing methods in one system enabling integrity testing of containers of different pharmaceutical packaging materials and product types.


  • Sensitive: New generation of differential pressure test methods with increased sensitivity
  • Intuitive: New HMI for intuitive operation and high user-friendliness
  • Compact: The smallest leak test system for use in the laboratory

Highest precision

The NEO DPX laboratory system combines three test methods for non-destructive leak testing in one device. The aim of the development was to make the instrument as compact as possible and to combine several technologies in such a way that containers of different types and sizes can be tested. It is also possible to test different product types in order to offer the user the widest possible range of applications. The NEO DPX is distinguished by its advanced testing system. The basic principle of pneumatic leak testing, which is carried out using vacuum and pressure, has been retained. The further development has resulted in a significant increase in sensitivity. This allows even smaller leaks to be detected in containers in an even shorter time.

Format sizes

  • 1.0 ml - 100 ml vials
  • 1.0ml - 20 ml ampoules
  • 0.5 ml - 10 ml syringes
  • 1.0 ml - 3.0 ml cartridges

Error-free operation

When developing the new NEO DPX user interface, the main focus was on ease of use and clarity. Similar to a smartphone, the operator can use widgets to display personalized content on the 12.1" color display. To reduce errors, the operator is guided step-by-step through the menu of the HMI. This allows for a consistent and user-independent check to be performed, ensuring process reliability. The integrated drawer system for loading and unloading the products together with the intuitive user interface enables operation with only one hand. The clear HMI design enables intuitive operation and is the basis for all other WILCO machines.

New design

The reduction of the design is underlined by clear, dynamic bevels. Due to its compact design
(W 53 cm x D 55 cm x H 45 cm), the NEO DPX fits anywhere. The closed design makes cleaning the machine easy. The format change for changing over to different products can be carried out within a few seconds and thus enables fast adaptation to different vials, syringes and other pharmaceutical primary packaging materials.

The NEO DPX is available now.


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