Custom-designed particle inspection for AVI systems

Parenteral drug products are required to be 100% visually inspected. As each product and its packaging define their specific inspection task, standardized inspection setups may lead to a high level of false rejects and underperforming inspection results. In contrast, a customized solution provides the opportunity to improve the inspection by reducing false rejects and increasing the detection rates.

Individual visual inspection system design as key to success

For the visual inspection of parenterals in various packaging materials, we rely on an individual system design in six phases. The customer-specific setup is developed in an intensive preliminary phase and is then incorporated into the machine design approach in order to achieve the greatest possible reliability of inspection results.

A well-founded analysis of your needs creates the basis for an individual solution for visual inspection. For this purpose, a manual inspection is carried out in the laboratory based on your specific test criteria and the corresponding test sets, consisting of good and bad samples.  The various errors are then verified and documented. From this, a common understanding of inspection tasks is derived and further defined.

WILCO individual system design for automated visual inspection

Particulates are inspected by using image subtraction and corresponding algorithms. High-resolution image sequences are recorded by several camera stations. Spinning profiles may be adjusted for different particle characteristics such as floating on surface, or heavy particles.