100% Inline CCI Testing on multi-product lines

CMOs and other producers of multiple products on single processing lines are faced with various challenges when it comes to inspection and inline leak testing. As there is no one-size fits all inspection technology, the combination of such can help to minimize footprints, while inspection results and method applicability are not being compromised.

Challenge with inline leak detection

With decreasing batch sizes, production lines for sterile pharmaceuticals become more versatile in the type of products and packaging materials to be processed. A CMO approached us and required an inline inspection system for vials of different sizes with water based and oxygen sensitive liquids as well as lyophilized products closed under a nitrogen atmosphere. In addition, glass ampoules filled with oil based liquids were part of the portfolio. The goal was to inspect for multiple quality relevant attributes of the different products.

Our approach for inspection of different products

In a first stage the product portfolio of the CMO was analyzed by their processing parameters and attributes. Based on that, a risk analysis of the inspection tasks were defined in a joint workshop. Besides container closure integrity, other quality relevant attributes such as the residual moisture inside the lyo cake as well as residual oxygen concentrations inside the headspace were required to be inspected in order to meet the customer requirements. Based on that methods developments were implemented and continued with a system design approved. During the early stage of the method development phase, trials with all products and configurations were implemented. Test methods were selected and cycle times got developed.

Our solution for leak detection and moisture inspection

Three inspection technologies were finally selected and integrated into one platform that was able to process up to 400 units per minute. The system was capable of testing vial sizes ranging from 2R to 100R and ampoules from 1ml to 10ml. Container closure integrity was tested with pressure and vacuum decay as well as the LFC method®. All oxygen sensitive products were also tested for the residual oxygen concentration by means of Headspace Analysis. Furthermore, a high-speed NIR spectrometer was integrated for a 100% non-destructive check of moisture inside the lyo cakes in the VARIO MTX.

WILCO AG inspection technologies overview

Advantages of our inline CCI tester

  • Highly customized inspection platform
  • 3 inspection technologies in one system
  • Small footprint and quick format change-over
  • Multiple inspection tasks for multiple products
  • Full support during method development and validation
  • Easy combination of different inspection technologies